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More acquaintances than friends

More acquaintances than friends

I’m not big on having a big group of friends. It takes me a while to consider someone a friend. I like to keep people at the acquaintance level. Honestly, most people you consider your friends are not really your friend to begin with.

I am guarded person and I like to keep my personal life personal. It takes awhile for me to let someone in. This probably way the number of people I consider a…

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I have a hard time staying focus. My mind is always in a million places when I am trying to focus on one thing. My lack of focus makes it hard for me to get through my homework. This actually adds time to doing my homework.

I have tried many things to help me stay focus but nothing seems to work. I don’t know what else I can try. My mind is so full of ideas that it’s hard to focus on one thing.…

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Summer Classes

I been taking two online summer classes for the second part of the summer semester. They are accelerated, fifteen weeks condensed into seven. The workload is more than what I expected, I knew it would be a lot. Every week I have a major assignment due. I’m halfway done, it’s going by so fast. I been hanging in there and getting my work in on time. I usually feel overwhelmed in the middle and end…

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fauxblacketry said: hey! i'm thinking of transfering to emu for my sophmore year and i saw a post you made on the tag and i just wanted to know how you personally liked the school and what it's like? i'm from ohio so i know absolutely nothing about the area or the school haha. ps your blog is super cute and i wish i had discovered it before my first year!

Thanks. I love EMU so far. There are a lot of opportunities and ways to get involved. There is a large population from Ohio that attend. I think it’s a great choice and you would like it. Plus it’s not too far from your hometown for visits. The area is nice and there is a lot of things to do. Things I like the most is the small class sizes, how helpful the professors and staff is, and the many things the campus and college has to offer. My advice would be to come down for visit, it is summer so campus is looking like a ghost town and visit Since you from Ohio your tuition will be in state, another plus. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

Thanks mommy, @robinnicoleg 😘. Time to get serious, June 2015 LSATs. #futurelawyer #futurelawstundent

Thanks mommy, @robinnicoleg 😘. Time to get serious, June 2015 LSATs. #futurelawyer #futurelawstundent

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Fashion Street Diaries: Big Purses

Fashion Street Diaries: Big Purses


I love big purses. Being a mom and a commuter college student on the go, I need a variety of things to get me through the day. A small purse wouldn’t be able to hold everything I need to get through the day.

I over pack when I’m traveling. So it’s no surprised that I over pack on the daily basis. I can be away from home for hours at a time during a day, it’s a must that I have everything I need…

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Dear Diary

Writing in a diary has many benefits. I use to write in a diary back in middle school and early high school. Then I just sorted of stop. It often crosses my mind to start back writing in one.

Image source: Pixabay

I found writing in a diary, therapeutic. I am the type of person who keeps my emotions bottled up, so writing them down was often my only release. Writing in my diary was also, a way…

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