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Rotary Scholarship for the second year in a row. 👌👏👏👏

Rotary Scholarship for the second year in a row. 👌👏👏👏

Enjoying the weather. But she can’t peddle. London and her doc mcstuffins

Enjoying the weather. But she can’t peddle. London and her doc mcstuffins

College Talk Thursday: Online College Courses

College Talk Thursday: Online College Courses


This summer I am taking two courses online through my college. Just like college takes a certain discipline, so does online college courses. Online college courses takes a different self-discipline.


  • There is no class time.
  • You have to be self-disciplined because there will not be a class where the professor tell you when something is due soon.
  • You have to learn to pace yourself.
  • You have to…

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Business 101: Website and Email

Business 101: Website and Email

Here are my thoughts on businesses.


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Every business should have a website of some sorts. Websites are free to make, owning the domain is what cost. But the cost of a domain is not as expensive as it seems.

When I am looking for a specific type of business, I will only consider those who have websites. Why? Because most of the time, the information I need I can find on their…

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Dai’s Writer Diary: 4/15/2014

Dai’s Writer Diary: 4/15/2014


As I am finishing up my first draft, one more section to go, I realize my novella is more like a “mini novella”. I will release the entire “mini novella” for FREE on my blog. I haven’t decided if I will publish one section a day or just release it all on one day. I thought the “mini novella” would be longer but as I am finishing the first draft, I realize it will not be that long. I am okay with…

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New Business Cards

I had buyer’s remorse about my first set of business cards. I felt they were lacking important information about who I am and what I do. I decided to not get new ones until I launched my portfolio site. I finally launched my portfolio site and decided to get new ones.

For the new ones I wanted to make sure they had titles (freelance blogger and writer) and separate contact info for my blog and…

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